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Join us at our new location at our new times, Sundays at 2:00pm and 5:00pm at 13400 Bell Road, Lemont, Illinois!
Beginning Sunday, April 27, we will offer two Sunday times:  2:00pm and 5:00pm.  And, check back for the announcement of our Saturday evening location and time!


LIFE Church is a Church that you look for, among other things, when you are in a crisis, facing a crisis, or coming through a crisis.  Our strong and uncompromising messages of Faith along with our intense passion for the Healing Presence of God in our corporate Worship Encounters are some of the things that help define who we are. 

BY NO MEANS do we consider ourselves better than any other Church and we never consider ourselves in competition with our sister Churches in the region.  Instead, our Ministry Philosophy and Core Values mean that instead of presenting a reasonable and logical view of God Who simply soothes our intellect, we present God as we view Him:  Holy; Miraculous; Merciful; Immediate; Accessible; Glorious; To-be-Experienced and Known; Worthy of a Total-Life Devotion.

We have purposed to do church differently.  Sometimes, churches become isolated, aloof, disconnected and judgmental of the very ones that we have been called by God to love and to serve.  Instead of being like an exclusive club just for those who 'have it together' in order to feel welcome or comfortable to attend, we see ourselves as a hospital, a restoration center, an equipping center and a loving family ready to welcome you today.

Additionally, we see God performing miracles and healing on a weekly basis and offer individual prayer and anointing with oil for healing and deliverance from every disease, sickness or addiction in each service.  Yes, God still heals today.

LIFE CHURCH is also apostolic in its government and functions in the prophetic in our worship services, messages and personal ministry time.  We welcome YOU to visit and take advantage of the personal, prophetic prayer ministry that is offered at the conclusion of every service.

LIFE is really all about lifting Christ and lifting people.  Can we give YOU a hand?

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